Who's Afraid Of Mr Wolfe?

A romantic comedy with bite

Ellie Somerset loves her career-obsessed boyfriend Sam and her job as an advertising copywriter. But Sam is always at work and her fresh ideas keep being overlooked. Her life gets more complicated when new boss Jack Wolfe arrives at the Agency. With his brooding good looks, trademark scowl and plans for change, he challenges Ellie to prove herself. To her horror, she finds herself repelled and attracted by the sexy, dangerous Jack. But this particular wolf has an awful lot to hide …

‘… a witty, fresh, fast-paced tale full of quirky, believable characters that will have you reading and rooting for them right to the last page …’
Living North Magazine


Published April 2011 Quercus




Polish edition of Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe?

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Jack shook his head. ‘Books. What is it with women and books? My sisters were the same. They were always buying books for boys they fancied.’

Ellie bent down and picked up the stone and put it on the table. ‘It’s like sending a love letter without having to write it yourself,’ she said.