The First Time I Saw Your Face

A moving story of deceit and redemption, set in beautiful Northumberland

After a terrible accident, Jennifer moves back home. With her domineering ex right on the doorstep, the future looks less than bright. Until she meets Matt. Sexy, dishevelled and a little clumsy, he starts to make her believe that she can move on from what has happened to her and embrace life again. But he has a secret he’d do anything to protect and he’s about to betray her to keep it.

‘With plenty of suspense and angst and with well-drawn characters (even the minor ones) this is a compelling read … Osmond is on top of her craft.’

‘ … a light touch, a sharp wit, an eye for detail and a real gift for creating believable, appealingly complex characters.’
Living North Magazine



Published August 2012 Quercus

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The trip to the beach had jumbled Mack’s brain until he felt the two men he was trying to be were at war with each other. Mack Stone; Matt Harper – one was calculating, watching and listening; the other seemed to be living in the moment and doing things he hadn’t told him to.